Jun 02 2016

Missionaries Are Retiring Early/ Voluntary Retirement Incentive (VRI)

Published by Avis Morrow at 2:48 pm under WMU

The International Mission Board (IMB) has announced the first phase of their plan to address revenue shortfalls. The goal of the plan is to offer as generous a voluntary retirement incentive as possible while honoring the years of service of those eligible and providing a smooth transition from personnel’s current role. This affects career missionaries age 50 and older with five or more years of service. Some missionaries will stay on as volunteers while others will return to the United States. You may ask, “Why would the IMB ask seasoned missionaries to leave the field instead of decreasing the number of new missionaries to be sent in the next 2 years?” The VRI was deemed the best option. And as part of the role of the IMB is to send missionaries, it will continue to do so. As of May 10, 2016, 1,132 missionaries have “retired” through this incentive. You may ask, “How are the lost people going to know about Jesus Christ?” Hopefully, with and through prayer, we will see this as a fresh calling to reach the world for Christ ourselves. We can pray about our relationship with the IMB and our commitment to missions. Are we learning about where God is working and ask Him if we can join in? Are we giving to missions, the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions? Are we praying for the missionaries and their work? At this moment, there are about 3800 missionaries on the IMB field. Be in prayer as an individual, a family, and a church in asking what is our part.

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