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Jan 30 2012

Heck-Jones/ WMU Annual Offering

Published by Avis Morrow under WMU

As a follow-up to our Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions , our goal was $10,000.00 and we raised $9,270.00. Our emphasis meal raised $4,175.00. We talked about London and how the Olympics are coming to their city this year and there will many opportunties to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with many people from around the world. Please keep them in your prayers  this year.

The Heck-Jones Offering is named for Fannie E.S. Heck (1862-1915) and for Mrs. W. N. Jones (Sallie Bailey) (1869-1943). You may ask, “Who are they and what did they do?”

Fannie Heck grew up in a family of twelve children and was the grand-daughter of the outstanding missionary Scudder family. She became a Christian at the age of eighteen and instantly became active in her church.  She sought out children that did not go to Sunday School and encouraged their mothers to bring them. Sallie Bailey helped her do this. Miss Heck had a wide vision of the potential of people. She along with four other women organized the Woman’s Club of Raleigh and was an advocate for the poor, juveniles, and the unfortunate. In 1886 Miss Heck served as president of the Woman’s Central Committee of Missions and Sallie at age seventeen was the corresponding secretary. They were both present at the organizational meeting of WMU in Richmond, Va on May 14, 1888. Fannie was elected president of WMU in 1891 and kept that post until her death in 1915. She was dedicated and wise. She presented the society with a Calendar of Prayer which was later added to their magazines. Her influence of dedication and vision continues to live in all who follow her example in services to God.

Sallie Bailey (Mrs. W.N. Jones) was a great reader. She was married to an attorney and their home was the center of Christian hospitality for friends, missionaries, and denominational leaders as well as friends to their three children. Her hobbies included sewing, embroidery, needlepoint, and gardening. She was active in her church work as well. She was close to Fannie Heck and they worked together in areas of neglect in the Raleigh area. She served in many roles within WMU. She and Fannie worked side by side for 29 years. After Fannie died, Sallie became president and served as such until 1936. She led women in prayer, study, giving and “personal service”. She encouraged others to build associations. She embroidered a banner that hung at the annual meetings. For over fifty years, she served in WMU. After she resigned, she continued to work in her church through Sunday School.

The work of the offering continues to support the ideals of these two women. Their lives are a testament to praying, giving, studying, and going on mission. Pray about your gift. There will be an emphasis booklet and envelopes available as we learn more about what the offering supports. This offering will be taken during the month of February 2012.

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