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May 02 2011

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions

Published by Avis Morrow under WMU

Our theme for 2011 is START HERE and our scripture comes from Matthew 9: 36-38. We are asked to examine our own hearts and seek to align it with God’s heart for all people. The North American Mission Board estimates that 258 million people in the US, Canada and its territories do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Experience personal revival and live that out by engaging in prayer, giving, and going to fulfill the Great Commission here, there, and everywhere. In North America, more that 5,000 missionaries depend on your partnership and are grateful for your support.

Our kickoff meal is scheduled for March 30 with associational missionary speaker: Robert Leonard. He will encourage us to not only look for the lost and their needs but to actual see the lost and their needs and do something about it.

Missionary Moments are planned for every Sunday in April with emphasis materials in the bulletins and scroll.

Our goal is set for $5, 000.00.

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